Cheese Bookend

For book readers and cheese lovers!

New Formage bookends come in a set of two. All pieces are cut from one big piece – every slice is uniquely different, carefully designed and individually cut to meet the most natural appearance.


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New Formage is the product of a collaboration between Immo Schneider (Studio Immo Schneider) and Simon Ertl (ErtlundZull).


Studio Immo Schneider cares about a practice focused on artistic collaboration as well as commissioned work, which often involve the consideration of various materials and formats. With it comes the uncertain certainty of own methods in expressing ideas, defining and adding to its sphere of design.

ErtlundZull, founded by Simon Ertl (1988) and Markus Zull (1983) is a design studio running a production site in Berlin. The transdisciplinary team of designers, architects, artists and master craftsmen distinguish in expertise when concentrating on the same thing. Their work both in collaboration with other practices and in their own right is a constant dialogue between solidity and instability/fragility, aesthetics and technique. The Studio pursues projects at a wide variety of scales, from the table top to the whole house.



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10 × 10 × 13 cm

Aluminium powdercoated